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If I'm reading your _hash function properly I think all of the returned hashes will be consecutive values wrapping around at self.size. The seed doesn't contribute to the generated hash value and as _hash is called with the same item value and consecutive seeds are used it will result in a continuous block of bits being set to 1.

Is that the intention? That doesn't make sense to me.

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Hey Abhinav,

great post! I've an article about bloom filter on my private website. But I really liked your version with Python code.

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The math equation has an extraneous / at the end.

(\begin{equation} \text{False Positive Rate} \approx \left(1 - e^{-\left(\frac{kn}{m}\right)^k}\right) \end{equation} \)

I believe should be

(\begin{equation} \text{False Positive Rate} \approx \left(1 - e^{-\left(\frac{kn}{m}\right)^k}\right) \end{equation})

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